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Empirical analysis of campaign contributions and Congressional 'greeness' 

Tanger, Shaun (2006-08-15)
“Legislators possess political assets that economic interest groups may find valuable in pursuing their goals”. This quote made by Kevin Grier and Michael Munger provides the impetus for my analysis. In the following paper ...

Legislative Production and Ideology Voter Scores: Three Essays 

Tanger, Shaun (2009-12-03)
Legislators possess supply-side characteristics in the production process of public sector outcomes. Constituents demand legislative services and choose those who most closely resemble their preferences. There are several ...

Party Polarization: Congressional Divergence on Environmental Policy from 1970-2008 

Tanger, Shaun (2012-04-17)
We investigate empirically the importance of a conjectured linkage between economic conditions and increasing party divergence with respect to national-level environmental policy in the United States. Using data from ...