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Coefficient Space Properties and a Schur Algebra Generalization 

Turner, David (2005-12-15)
Let K be an infinite field and Gamma = GL_(n)(K). If we linearly extend the natural action of Gamma on the set E of n-dimensional column vectors over K to the group algebra KGamma, then E becomes a KGamma-module. We then ...

Mixed Groups with Decomposition Bases and Global k-Groups 

Mathews, Chad (2006-08-15)
This thesis is devoted to proving assertions made without proof by Paul Hill and Charles Megibben in their fundamental papers regarding knice subgroups and the Axiom 3 characterization of global Warfield groups. The main ...

On the Growth of Polynomials and Entire Functions of Exponential Type 

Harden, Lisa (2004-12-15)
Concerning the growth of a polynomial and its derivative, the following inequalities are well known as Bernstein Inequalities. max(|z|=R) |p(z)| <= max(|z|=1) |p(z)|R^n, for R >= 1, (1) max(|z|=1) |p0(z)| <= max(|z|=1) ...

Torsionless Modules and Minimal Generating Sets for Ideals of Integral Domains 

Brown, Wesley (2006-08-15)
This is a treatise of relationships between the number of elements necessary to generate the ideals of a domain and the torsionless modules of that domain. Three types of domains are identified according to natural ...