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Changes in in vitro fermentative capacity of equine feces due to alteration of forage diet 

Turner, Stephanie (2017-04-25)
In vitro digestibility methods require a microbial inoculum source. In hindgut fermenters like equids, cannulation of the cecum is a high-risk procedure and can be avoided by using feces as a microbial inoculum source. The ...

An Economic Impact Study of the Alabama Horse Industry 

Richburg, Darcey (2016-08-19)
This thesis evaluates the economic impact of the Alabama horse industry. Budgets have been developed for three separate levels of horse care described as low, moderate, and high cost. The budgets along with the population ...

The Effect of Ad Libitum Concentrate Feeding on Crib-Biting Behavior in the Horse 

Fenn, Teresa (2012-10-31)
Previous research indicates cribbing behavior in horses increases when horses were fed concentrate meals. This study used 10 mature cribbing geldings to investigate effects of ad libitum concentrate feeding on cribbing ...

Glycemic response to meal length in horses 

Bland, Jinger (2009-05-15)
Cereal grains are an ideal feedstuff for horses with high energy demands because of their high soluble carbohydrate content. However, consumption of a single meal high in soluble carbohydrates causes an immediate increase ...

Kinematic Analysis of the Collected and Extended Jog and Lope of the Stock Breed Western Pleasure Horse 

Shroyer, Joanna Elizabeth (2010-12-07)
Scientific research concerning stock breed western pleasure horses is limited. Therefore the purposes of this investigation were to determine if stock breed western pleasure horses 1) alter stride length independently of ...

Nutritive quality of Coastal bermudagrass treated with plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria 

Fike, Connie (2017-04-15)
Plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) are naturally occurring, non-pathogenic soil bacteria that aggressively colonize plant roots. These beneficial bacteria increase nutrient uptake, pest resistance, drought tolerance, ...

Solubilization of nonstructural carbohydrates as a function of soaking interval and water temperature in southern forages commonly fed to equids 

Wassel, Brooklyne (2017-04-28)
Nonstructural carbohydrates (NSC) play a major role in the diet of equids prone to laminitis or afflicted with metabolic conditions such as insulin resistance. Although the threshold of <10% dietary NSC has been set as a ...