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Collective Leadership in the Public Sector: A Descriptive Study of Structure, Roles, and Functions in Twelve North Carolina Collaboratives 

Smith, Stephanie (2010-07-02)
This descriptive study examined collective leadership in twelve North Carolina interorganizational collaboratives. Inquiry into the twelve participant entities focused on organizational structure, leadership roles, and ...

The Effect of City-County Consolidation in South Korea 

Min, Byoungik (2013-07-16)
In 1994, the South Korean central government initiated a massive merger of city and county governments, and during the next two years, a total of 40 consolidated cities were established. Following the city-county consolidations, ...

The Ghana National Health Insurance Policy: Evaluation of Equity of Coverage and Financial Sustainability 

N-Yaaba, Lawrence (2014-08-07)
One of the overarching objectives of initiating and implementing public policy is to enhance and advance the welfare of citizens. It is in this disposition that the Ghana government in 2003 initiated a universal health ...

Industrialization, Deindustrialization and Re-Industrialization in a Southern U.S. State: Alabama from 1970-2010 

Bolden, Nicholas (2014-08-20)
Over the last fifty years, the U.S. has transitioned through three periods of manufacturing, (a) “The Industrial Period” from 1945-1979, (b) “Deindustrialization of America from 1980-2000, and (c) “Re-industrialization of ...

More than Moral Leadership: Building Organizational Capacity for Promoting Ethical Behavior - Survey Evidence from Alabama Local Governments 

Asencio Aragón, Hugo (2012-07-24)
This study addresses a deficiency identified in the public administration literature on how to design and sustain public organizations in which ethical reasoning and decision making is possible. It employs original survey ...

Why is China's Savings Rate So High? 

Zhao, Xuejiao (2014-12-09)
China’s economy is quite distinctive in the modern world as it has a comparatively high savings rate. China’s rapid growth in recent years has depended on a development model that has rested heavily on industrial investment ...