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Construction of Orthonormal Multivariate Wavelets 

Lindmark, Brian (2011-08-01)
The purpose of this paper is to explain the construction of orthonormal multivariate wavelets associated with a multiresolution analysis. This paper primarily uses the work of R. A. Zalik [10], where he outlines a method ...

Improving Sonar Reconstruction with Sparse Reconstruction Techniques 

Lindmark, Brian (2016-12-09)
In many sonar applications, traditional processing can fail to provide adequate information to accomplish the respective goals, because the processed information is either strictly bandlimited to the transmit band, distorted ...

A novel finite element discretization of domains with spheroidal geometry 

Tuncer, Necibe (2007-05-15)
We describe and analyze a new finite element discretizations for domains with spheroidal geometry. In particular, we describe how the method can be used to approximate solutions as well as eigenvalues and eigenfunctions ...


Affane, Aji (2007-08-15)
Poroelasticity is the study of elastic deformation of porous materials saturated with a fluid and the coupling between the fluid pressure and the solid deformation. Considerable progress has been made in formulating ...

Solving the Inverse Kinematic Robotics Problem: A Comparison Study of the Denavit-Hartenberg Matrix and Groebner Basis Theory 

Kendricks, Kimberly (2007-08-15)
The aim is to analyze two very di®erent methods for solving the inverse kinematic robotics problem. The ¯rst method, called the Engineering Approach, uses the Denavit- Hartenberg Matrix, and the second method, called the ...