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Alternate In-Situ Environmental Testing System by Matrix Design 

Li, Jingyun (2009-03-30)
Compared with the existing in-situ environmental testing system, this alternative one got significant improvement on measuring capacity, total cost, as well as number of connections that must be made between the hardware ...

An Investigation into Dynamic Modulus of Hot-Mix Asphalt and Its Contributing Factors 

Robbins, Mary (2009-04-16)
One of the key elements of mechanistic-empirical (M-E) flexible pavement design is the characterization of material properties. One material property in particular, the dynamic modulus of HMA, E*, influences tensile strain ...

An Investigation into the Benefits of Design Science Research for the Development of Wicked Educational Information Systems: A Case Study 

Bond, Justin (2014-07-03)
Wicked educational information systems (IS) address problems with unstable educational requirements, in educational environments that are ill-defined, where complex interactions among subcomponents of the problem and its ...

Query-Localized Route Repair Mechanism for Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector Routing Algorithm 

Jayakeerthy, Arunkumar Thippur (2009-02-24)
Ad-hoc networking is a concept in computer communications, which allows applications to communicate with each other by forming a temporary network, without any form of centralized administration. With the increasing ...