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Agent-mediated brokering and matchmaking for simulation model reuse on the semantic grid




Paspuleti, Swetha

Type of Degree



Computer Science and Software Engineering


The need for simulation in military is increasing significantly due to high costs and safety limitations. Simulation in military is employed for training individuals in real-operating scenarios. The virtual, simulated models result in a synthetic environment that accounts for real-world environment and tremendously reduces costs. These simulated models are available for users through several repositories. This thesis introduces an Agent-Mediated Brokering and Matchmaking for Simulation Model Reuse on the Semantic Grid (ABMS). ABMS facilitates discovery, location and retrieval of simulation models. The ABMS is a client/server application and consumers and service providers, who develop and publish the models, interact with the system. It is built on the grid that provides basic discovery, notification and subscription facilities. Intelligent agents act on the grid to perform brokering and matchmaking schemes. These agents interpret and filter the metamodels associated with models to compute the degree of similarity of the identified models to the intended or required model and present various brokering modes to facilitate location transparency between the consumers and the model providers.