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Comparison of Video Ethnographic Modes for Design Research




Wall, Alex J.

Type of Degree



Industrial Design


Design research is a daunting and time consuming process in which many hours of research is collected through methods such as interviews, surveys, focus groups and visual techniques such as photography and video. This study aims to compare video gathering techniques when coupled with participatory research during in-situ video ethnography. Participatory design has long been a driving force for design companies and researchers in order to better their products through direct user interaction, not only with the product but with the design researcher also, in order to grasp a better understanding of the users needs and wants. This research study will utilize a participatory design strategy for further user involvement. Multiple video techniques are compared where a design researcher may use sports action cameras, tablets and computer applications to record video to immediately interview the user with the collected video without having to return at a later date. This facilitates a fresher mindset for both the user and the researcher to further the understanding of user interactions by collaboratively reviewing the recorded video in-situ.