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Morphological Analysis in Creative Furniture Design




Li, Suyin

Type of Degree



Industrial Design


Design can be defined as a creative process that designers arrange one or more elements and principles in organized for one purpose. The purpose here is to convey a strong message to the reader so the reader can understand it correctly. As we start to create our design, whether it is a bowl or a chair, we have defined it as a purpose – in both primary and additional functions. A good product has to satisfy certain criteria, not only functional, but also psychologically and aesthetically. The aesthetic quality of a product – and the fascination it inspires – is an integral part of its utility (Dieter Rams, ten principles for good design). One must understand that nothing in the universe is random. Everything is deterministic and has a reason behind its existence and usage. However, everything has multiple qualities and different definitions varied by viewers from different perspectives. The role of an artist or designer is to be aware of the qualities of design elements, based on the functional purpose, creating successful visual compositions, which conveys the emotions of the artist. Better still, is understandable and acceptable. Differing from other products, furniture has far broader latitude in form creation. It is an overlapping part of architecture design, interior design, and industrial design. As an Industrial Design thesis, this research was conducted to study the morphological analysis thinking method applied in furniture design. The design focuses on morphological analysis for form studying, based on broad inspirations drawn from natural world, transferring, and applying them in the form of furniture product.