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The Effects of Length of Instruction on Rhythm-Reading Learning and Retention




Hollingsworth, Kelly Jo

Type of Degree



Curriculum and Teaching


This study analyzed the effectiveness of instructional time on rhythm-reading learning and retention. Second-grade students (N = 128) received either five-minutes or ten-minutes of rhythm-reading instruction using techniques from Feierabend’s (2001) Conversational Solfége and practice during regularly scheduled weekly music class. After three consecutive weeks of treatment, students were individually administered posttest one. Two weeks pass without any instruction or review on rhythm-reading. Posttest two was individually administered. Results from posttest one suggest five-minutes (p < .001) and ten-minutes (p < .001) of instruction is effective. A Univariate ANOVA was conducted and revealed no statistical significance between the groups (p = .421). Posttest two revealed students were able to retain rhythm-reading skill (p < .001) and grouping was not statistically significant (p = .244).