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Small Signal Equivalent Circuit Extraction and RF Noise Analysis in 28nm High-k/ Metal Gate RF CMOS




Zhang, Huaiyuan

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Electrical Engineering


This work extracts RF noise in a 28nm high-k/metal gate RF CMOS technology using a small signal equivalent circuit. All extrinsic and intrinsic small-signal parameters are extracted from measured data as well as scaling result of each parameters. For noise analysis, Sid/4kTgd0 is extracted, and its intrinsic value remains less than 2 despite a large increase from 1 at 90nm gate length, as well as a much stronger increase with VDS. The gate resistance noise is shown to be a significant noise performance limiter in such technology due to a large vertical metal interface component that is inversely proportional to gate area, W × L.