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Wireless Communication Demonstration in Hardware Using an Exactly Solvable Chaotic Oscillator




Whitney, David Aaron

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Electrical and Computer Engineering


This work presents a hardware demonstration of a mixed-signal wireless communication system that utilizes a chaotic oscillator based on an exactly solvable piecewise linear set of differential equations, along with a matched filter derived from its exact analytical solution. An analog temperature sensor serves as the input for the system. The analog output from the sensor is converted to an 8-bit value via a microcontroller; this value is then encoded into an analog chaotic waveform via a linear controller, and data is transmitted serially over a wireless transmitter and receiver at 2.3 GHz. A matched filter defined in software extracts the binary data from the received analog signal, and a second microcontroller samples this binary data and sends it to a computer for verification. Tests show that the system is able to accurately transmit and receive the sensor data in the intended manner. Included in this work is relevant background information and theory for the system, a description of the design, function, and implementation of each component in the system, hardware test results and verification of the system's intended function, and the results of multiple bit-error-rate (BER) tests in varying ambient conditions.