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A Guideline of Applying Chinese Calligraphy Culture to Contemporary Furniture Design




Ye, Yiyi

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Industrial and Graphic Design


In the information age, information dissemination is fast and broad. How to maintain the vitality of national culture under the impact of various foreign cultures is very important to guarantee spiritual and cultural sovereignty. Finding new meanings and new forms of traditional culture in the new era is one of the main methods of inheriting and developing culture. Due to the relatively late appearance of industrial design, current Chinese cultural design has many problems. Meanwhile, contemporary China lacks the recognition of its own national culture and the ability to appreciate the beauty of Chinese traditional culture. Chinese calligraphy culture is closely related to the development of Chinese culture, and at the same time, is one of the forms that best reflects the aesthetics of Chinese culture. This thesis combines Chinese calligraphy culture and furniture design to find a way to stylize Chinese culture, and develop Chinese style furniture. It is an experiment about seeking a new form of Chinese calligraphy culture in today's life. This study focuses on the following aspects: cultural design, Chinese calligraphy culture, the definition of culturally a distinctive design style, and today's furniture design. The thesis will conclude with a method of using Chinese calligraphy culture as an element to stylize Chinese culture, and apply it to furniture design to create the "new" Chinese style furniture that meets current living needs and design aesthetics. Designers who are not familiar with Chinese calligraphy culture can use this design tool to design Chinese style furniture with Chinese calligraphy as an element. If they wish to develop design tools by using other calligraphy cultures or by applying Chinese calligraphy culture to other product categories, they can also refer to this thesis.