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Evidence-Based Practice for Speech-Language Pathologists: A Survey of Access and Implementation




Allison, Lauren

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Communication Disorders


Purpose: The primary aim of this investigation was to identify the extent to which SLPs implement evidence-based practice (EBP) and discern the facilitators and barriers for use of EBP, with consideration of access, location of employment, and zip-code. Methods: An online 40-question Qualtrics survey was distributed to query SLP’s current use of EBP and related facilitators and barriers, with a focus on accessibility and employment zip-code. Results: Five hundred and thirty-one participants completed the survey and indicated usually or always using EBP, representing a growth of EBP use. Increased use of journal articles was also found. The most reported barriers for EBP were lack of time, finances, and access. No relationship was found between incorporation of EBP and involvement on a multidisciplinary team. Lack of responses for clinicians employed in rural regions suggested limited accessibility and/or under-resourced employment settings, rendering increased future research. Conclusions: While SLPs report increased EBP use, previous facilitators and barriers remain. Future studies should further inquire about clinicians employed in rural areas, clearly differentiate between SLPs employed in medical and nonmedical settings to best gather informative data, and regularly gather data regarding SLPs use of EBP. Future implications include EBP training at the undergraduate level, research endeavors tailored to clinical need, and further commitment to remedies for EBP barriers.