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Zinc Nanoparticle Enhancement of the Olfactory Neuron Response to Odorants Associated with Explosives 

Moore, Christopher H. (2011-04-25)
Many odorants related to manufacturing explosives have low volatilities and have no detectable odor. We found that zinc metal nanoparticles in picomolar concentrations strongly enhanced olfactory receptor neuron responses ...

Zombie as Parody: The Misuses of Science and the Nonhuman Condition in Postmodern Society 

Kent, Elizabeth (2009-04-30)
For this project, I will focus on those zombie films/texts that locate scientific and medical advances (or “advances”) as the source of cultural critique. Like Frankenstein in his laboratory, these particular zombie texts ...

Zoo Ecology of a Primate Species: Squirrel Monkey (Saimiri sciureus) 

Zimbler-DeLorenzo, Heather (2009-04-14)
Understanding how captivity affects the behavioral and development traits of a species is important for management and conservation in zoos. The ecology of squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sp.) may be different in captivity than ...