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A Case Study Analysis of Rural Middle School Science Teachers: The Perception of Culture to Inform Pedagogical Practices in the Classroom 

Askia, Rashida (2019-12-09)
Since the early 1980’s, a push for equitable learning practices has resulted in the creation of culturally centered pedagogy to counter educational disparities targeting marginalized populations across disciplines—particularly ...

Doin’ It for the Culture: An Exploration of Critical Consciousness and Civic Engagement Within HBCU Core Curriculum 

Tingle, Nekita (2021-08-03)
Within the context of higher education, HBCUs are more specifically known, due to their controversial origin, for having mission and vision statements that broadly imply attending this particular institutional type will ...

Pink Lemonade: An Autoethnographic Fantasia 

Arnberg, Benjamin (2020-04-29)  ETD File Embargoed
Pink Lemonade provides a campus climate study of queer experience on a rural, Southern campus in the United States. The researcher employs autoethnographic methods under a post- qualitative paradigm to explore the lives ...

Pre-Service Teachers’ Use of Instructional Strategies when Comprehending and Instructing using Contextually Challenging Text 

Szatkowski, Hannah (2019-06-20)
This qualitative case study explores the processes that occurred when pre-service teachers in an undergraduate elementary education literacy methods course were asked to interact with contextually challenging texts in a ...

The Social Engineer: Women Engineering Students' Identity Construction as Modern Engineers 

Wittig, Ashley (2019-04-18)
Research has shown that students’ identity development is important for students’ retention in engineering (Madsen, & Holmegaard, 2010), but for women the cultural representations of the field can create a disconnect that ...

Stereotype Threat, Black Consciousness, Racial Identity, and Psychological Wellbeing: Examining the Fluidity of Biracial Identity 

Hanks, Madison (2021-11-12)  ETD File Embargoed
To date, the majority of research surrounding stereotype threat explores the experiences of monoracial minorities, with little research exploring the intersection of individuals who hold multiple racial identities. Research ...

There’s a Rhythm to Our Method: An Endarkened Narrative of Four Black Women Teachers’ School Discipline Practices 

Betties, Jasmine (2022-11-21)
Due to Black women teachers’ cultural and historical legacies, Beauboeuf-Lafontant (2002) suggested that Black women’s form of care is often demonstrative of a womanist ethic of caring, which is defined by three ...