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Bridal Gown Shopping in Relation to Body Size, Image and Satisfaction, and Previous Experience and Anticipated Pleasure 

Daniels Uertz, Mary (2014-12-09)
The purpose of this research was to gain insight into how consumer’s body size, image, and satisfaction with previous apparel shopping experiences relate to views of the bridal gown shopping experience in terms of anticipated ...

Development and Application of a Functional Apparel Framework Using Mixed Methods 

Michaelson, Dawn (2019-07-26)  ETD File Embargoed
This study employed a mixed method approach to develop and apply the proposed Multidimension Functional Apparel Framework (MFAF) to two separate case studies. The proposed functional apparel framework was developed from ...

Exploring Apparel Relationships and Body Image of Tween Girls and Their Mothers Through Qualitative Analysis of Segmented Focus Groups 

Brock, Mary (2007-05-15)
Tweens are individuals who are no longer a children, but are not quite teenagers. This study defines tweens as girls between the ages of 9 and 14 years. The U.S. female tween population is estimated to be 10.4 million (U. ...

Statistical Human Body Form Classification: Methodology Development and Application 

Cottle, Frederick (2012-05-01)
The focus of this exploratory study was statistical human body form classification. Prior studies have explored human body size and shape but few have explored human body form. The actual human body is a three-dimensional ...

Trends in Advertising Typology and Facial Cosmetic Emphasis, 1940-2010 

Montgomery, Kiara Michele (2014-08-14)
This research investigated the existence of trends or cyclical patterns in cosmetic emphasis on the lips or eyes and the advertising typology used in fashion magazines for the young adult (18-35) and adult (25+) female ...