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Cellular Confinement as a Means to Limit Sediment Resuspension




Simpson, Timothy

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Civil Engineering


This document contains the findings of experimental research that examines the effectiveness of small-scale confinement cells within the context of sediment basins, channels, or ditches. The confinement cells were tested by their ability to shield sediment particles from shear forces that may otherwise dislodge particles from the sediment bed. Effluent from a constructed channel was collected throughout the duration of laboratory tests to obtain data using turbidity analysis to provide quantifiable results for sediment bed protection. A total of 14 different configurations were run of varying confinement cell geometries and stream velocities. The tests performed with cellular confinement protection in place were compared with tests performed in the absence of protection that had a bare sediment-water interface. Cellular confinement was found to be effective in preventing resuspension of sediment particles. The most successful configurations yielded peak turbidity samples reduced by a factor of 30, from 913 NTU to 29 NTU, and the average sampled turbidity reduced by a factor of 20, from 209 NTU to 10 NTU.