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Tableware Design according to the Physical Environment




Xue, Haoran

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Industrial and Graphic Design

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Auburn University Users

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Food and water are the most essential things in our daily life. We eat and drink several times a day, which means we use tableware several times through the day. People either eat at home or dine out with friends or families. The frequency times of using tableware improves the requirements and expectations for tableware. There are tons of different designs in the market of tableware, some of their appearances attracting us and some of the materials or designs appear qualified and delicate. But what is important is whether the tableware is easy and pleasant to use, whether the design of it helps enjoy, relax and understanding the food, food culture and the dining environment, and whether it delivers the chef’s or the owner’s statement successfully. To meet customers’ expectations and maximize their satisfaction, there are several factors that need to be considered thoroughly when designing tableware according to different dining environments. This thesis will develop a guideline of how to analyze and abstract visual clues from the physical environment, and how to apply these visual clues onto tableware design. A set of tableware will be designed using this guideline to prove its availability.