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An Analysis of Emotion Recognition and Facial Processing Across Human and Cartoon Stimuli in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders 

Sevlever, Melina (2014-06-06)
The emotion recognition and eye tracking literature has yielded inconsistent findings with respect to the social perception and attentional abilities of children and adults with ASD. Previous research has suggested that ...

Disruption of the Relational and Item-specific Processing Supports the Negative Outcomes of Multiple-Choice Testing with Additional Lures 

Paneerselvam, Bavani (2017-06-21)
Multiple-choice retrieval practice with additional lures reduces retention on a later test (Roediger & Marsh, 2005). However, the mechanism underlying the negative outcomes with additional lures is poorly understood. Given ...

Effects of Bold Key Terms on Judgments of Learning and Reading Comprehension 

Roberts, Andrew (2016-05-04)
People often use different types of available information as cues to make inferences about memory (Koriat, 1997). When these cues are unreliable predictors of memory (like font size), metacognitive illusions can ensue ...

Effects of Font Type of Embedded Key Terms on Judgments of Learning and Memory from Textbooks 

Andrew, Roberts (2012-12-06)
Previous research by Rhodes and Castel (2008) provided evidence that metacognitive predictions of future memory performance (i.e. judgments of learning (JOLs)), are significantly affected by perceptual information (i.e. ...

Predicting framing susceptibility in health decisions through dual process and numeracy theories 

Davis, Matthew E. (2016-04-26)
Multiple times per day individuals are faced with deciding what foods to consume and how much of these foods to consume. For most of us, the food decisions we make have direct implications on our health and weight. In ...

Retrieval Blocking Supports the Testing Effect with All-of-the-Above Questions on a Multiple-Choice Test 

Paneerselvam, Bavani (2015-05-08)
Poorly constructed multiple-choice-questions (MCQ) can have dire consequences on students' exam performance (e.g. negative testing effect). For example, either increasing the answer options (Roediger & Marsh, 2005) or ...

Studying the Relation of Reading Time Allocation Strategies and Working Memory Using a RSVP Text Presentation 

Busler, Jessica (2013-11-11)
Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) is a useful method for controlling the timing of text presentations and studying how readers’ characteristics, such as working memory (WM) and reading strategies for time allocation, ...

Surfing Safely: An Examination of Online Dating Skills in Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder 

Roth, Matthew (2015-07-28)
Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have difficulty forming romantic relationships, despite having motivation to establish them. The lack of success through traditional, face-to-face dating may lead adults with ASD ...

What is Child-Directed Interaction? Evaluating the use of Jeopardy to Increase Child-Directed Interaction Knowledge Retention 

Filz, Tonya (2014-07-09)
In recent years Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) has continued to grow and evolve as an empirically supported treatment for children with disruptive behavior disorders. As a result of this growth, PCIT International ...