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Lebesgue Approximation of Superprocesses 

He, Xin (2013-07-19)
Superprocesses are certain measure-valued Markov processes, whose distributions can be characterized by two components: the branching mechanism and the spatial motion. It is well known that some basic superprocesses are ...

New Classes of Multivariate Gamma Survival and Reliability Models 

Diawara, Norou (2006-08-15)
Multivariate modeling and analysis based on the multivariate normal distribution is well established and widely used. However, when the marginal distributions have only a positive support, such as time-to-event models, ...

Palm Measure Invariance and Exchangeability for Marked Point Processes 

Peng, Man (2008-12-15)
A random measure $\xi$ on a real interval $I$ is known to be exchangeable iff suitably reduced versions of the Palm distributions $Q_{t}$ are independent of $t \in I$. In this dissertation we prove a corresponding result ...