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Aging-Induced Long-Term Data Remanence in SRAM Cells 

Hovanes, Joshua (2023-04-28)
Within the electronics industry, data recovery has been a primary focus of security experts and researches for decades. The vast majority of this research has been performed and realized in the form of hard disk recovery, ...

Analysis and Optimization of Lithographic Performance on Massively-Parallel Electron-beam Systems 

Hasan, Md Nabid (2023-04-24)  ETD File Embargoed
While electron-beam (e-beam) lithography is widely used in transferring fine-feature patterns onto a substrate, its major drawback is the low throughput, especially for large-scale patterns. The massively-parallel electron-beam ...

Automatic Actigraphy and Polysomnography Sleep Scoring using Deep Learning 

Barazanji, Omar (2023-08-04)
The utilization of deep learning models for sleep scoring has become an increasingly promising area of research due to their potential to automate and enhance the accuracy of this crucial task. Sleep scoring involves ...

A Blockchain-based Contactless Delivery System for COVID-19 and Other Pandemics 

Mittal, Pratiksha (2021-05-17)
Our regular lives have been incredibly changed by the coronavirus (COVID-19) widespread. Inaccessible work and self-quarantine have constrained individuals all over the world to ad- just. Numerous service providers, ...

Novel Fault Injection Attacks on Logic Locking using ATPG 

Jain, Ayush (2020-07-31)
The outsourcing of the design and manufacturing of integrated circuits (ICs) in the current horizontal semiconductor integration flow includes untrusted entities that have posed various security threats, such as overproduction ...