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Guidelines for Practical Algorithmic Design for Industrial Designers




Edge, Andrew

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Industrial and Graphic Design


Algorithmic design is the use of a particular set of instructions to define the building process for a product or geometry. New computer-aided technologies have emerged which allow for a closer connection between the designer’s concept and its creation. Using algorithmic design processes to assist in computer-aided design can be very powerful, but unwieldy if used improperly or in the wrong context. This study researches the properties and benefits of algorithmic design and algorithmic modelers in order to develop a set of guidelines to assist the industrial designer through the algorithmic design process, particularly in deciding when and in what context algorithmic design is an appropriate avenue for the designer to take. This research also provides a set of commonly used algorithmic concepts and techniques to aid in the algorithmic modeling process. Additionally, the guidelines and techniques are demonstrated through an industrial design project wherein a concept cell phone case is designed, evaluated, and brought through the algorithmic modeling process.