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Advanced RC Phase Delay Capacitive Sensor Interface Circuits for MEMS 

Meng, Yuan (2015-05-06)
Many types of sensors in MEMS technology convert a measurand to a proportional change in capacitance. One of the techniques of measuring capacitance is utilizing the phase delay of an RC network with a resistor and the ...

Design and Simulation of a High Frequency Exactly Solvable Chaotic Oscillator 

Beal, Aubrey (2012-07-27)
It has been shown that the performance of communication systems based on low dimensional chaotic systems with exact analytic solutions containing a single fixed basis function may exhibit performance comparable to that of ...

A digital method to determine the transmissibility of a MEMS device 

Wu, Yixuan (2015-01-07)
A microcontroller based technique for measuring the transmissibility of a MEMS device is very useful and meaningful. The resulting data can provide feedback to improve the design, modeling and fabrication process. A new ...

Fabrication and Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes on Ceramic and Silicon Substrates for High Temperature Electronic Device Applications 

Yakupoglu, Baha (2018-04-24)
This dissertation focuses on characterization and fabrication of multi-wall carbon nanotubes (CNTs) by DC plasma sputtering and thermal chemical vapor deposition techniques (CVD) on silicon (Si) and ceramic (Al2O3) substrates. ...

A MEMS Current Sensor Utilizing NdFeB Magnets 

Tatarchuk, John (2015-08-18)
The need for a current sensor in a 12V-1V DC-DC converter is discussed. Background topics of current sensing in DC-DC converters and magnetic MEMS are discussed. An iterative design process for a MEMS current sensor ...

A Novel Through-Silicon-Via (TSV) Fabrication Method 

Adanur, Emir (2011-07-18)
The Through Silicon Via (TSV) is expected to be the future of 3-D chip stacking technology for electronic devices. The structure of the TSV interconnect is developed by first etching deep vias into the surface of a wafer, ...

Radio Frequency Module on Small Gasoline Engine Application 

Huang, Tian (2013-04-04)
Radio frequency communications applications are typically more applied than plain research in many aspects. A new application for radio frequency communications has been investigated for controlling the small gasoline ...

Salt and Light Water Purification System 

Ewing, Emile (2012-04-09)
The need for a proposed solution to help mitigate the world’s water crisis is presented. This need is not a new development in the 21st century, nor is the process of using electricity and chemicals to sanitize water. ...

Studies of Structures, Quadratic Electro-Optic Effect and Rechargeable Battery Characteristics in Specific Nonconjugated Conductive Polymers including Trans-1,4-Polyisoprene 

Shrivastava, Sapana (2011-05-05)
The structures, quadratic electro-optic effect and rechargeable battery characteristics in specific nonconjugated conductive polymers have been studied. FTIR spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction, optical absorption, differential ...