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Acquired Velopharyngeal Dysfunction Assessment: Speech-Language Pathologists' Perceived Competence and Proposed Clinical Guideline. 

Guyton, Kelsey (2017-03-31)
Purpose: An on-line survey was completed to investigate SLP self-efficacy and knowledge for assessment of acquired velopharyngeal dysfunction (AVPD). It was hypothesized that participants would report limited training and ...

The Effect of Event Boundaries on Repetition Reduction Among Individuals with Previous Experience of mTBI 

Siegel, Julia (2022-05-01)
Previous research has shown that event boundaries have a ‘reset’ effect on repetition reduction within conversational speech. Other studies have shown that the ‘Location Updating Effect’ impacts memory, even within a virtual ...

How Native Language Affects Functionally Relevant Item Selection 

Barahona, Lissien Esther (2021-04-13)
PURPOSE: A challenge speech language pathologists face when establishing a therapy plan to rehabilitate a significant loss of language and communication ability is the identification and selection of functionally relevant ...

Partnering With Physicians: How Are Medical Speech-Language Pathologists Perceived 

Korstjens, Amber (2010-01-05)
The purpose of this research was to gather insight regarding physicians’ understanding and view of the medical speech-language pathologist. Some questions were compared to previous data presented in a prior survey by ...

Phonological Awareness Skills of Six-year-old Children with Mild and Moderate Articulation Disorders 

Gernand, Keri (2006-05-15)
An investigation of the phonological awareness skills of children with mild and moderate articulation disorders is presented in this thesis. A sample of 24 first graders, 12 of whom had normal articulation and the other ...

A Systematic Review of Assessment Protocols for the Discrimination between Mild Cognitive Impairment and Normal Cognitive Ability in the Aging Population 

Lindsay, Jessica (2008-05-15)
Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is a concept that an aging individual has reached a point of cognitive decline that is not yet severe enough to be termed dementia, but is not considered normal. Subtle declines in cognitive ...

Telehealth Applications for Assessment and Treatment Procedures in Speech-Language Pathology: A Modified Narrative Review 

Reynolds, Andrea (2008-05-15)
The use of telehealth in the field of speech language pathology has steadily increased in recent years and a number of researchers have published articles detailing research findings of the practice. This document is a ...